Britain in Bloom Seminar, Birmingham. 28th January, 2016. Attended by Anna Malina and Tony Markley

Silloth Town Council Parks Committee. 29 February, 2016.  Attended by Members of Parks Committee

‘In Bloom’ Advisory Meeting, Dalston 21st March 2016.  Attended by Chris Graham and Anna Malina

‘Silloth in Bloom’ Team Meetings

  • Tuesday 5th April, 2016
  • Monday 24th May, 2016
  • Monday 13th June, 2016
  • Monday 27 June, 2016
  • Monday 11th July, 2016

In addition to above, a great many informal meetings between individuals in each group have been held since 5th April, 2016, when the team was first formed.


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