Discovery Centre Garden

After a request by AONB to help look after the Discovery Centre Garden, the Women’s Institute (WI) submitted a funding application for a Tree of Life Community Bursary from Taylors of Harrogate. A bursary of £100 was granted and put towards a tree and plants.

Since then the ‘Garden Gang,’ including Ann Harrison, Maureen Irving, Pat Bell, Frances Jackson and Jean Carr, whose ages range from 70 years old to mid-80s, have looked after the garden, creating a lovely colourful display with a variety of plants.  The group weed and dead head and generally care for the garden in an environmentally friendly fashion.

With the help of other WI members, the Discovery Centre Garden Team have raised money with plant sales to keep the project going.  The group have benefitted from help from Silloth Town Council, who help with compost and watering during the dry spell.

The ladies have attended all meetings of Silloth in Bloom and are wholly enthusiastic and supportive members of the aims of the RHS


This year, bird and insect boxes have been put up around the garden to encourage wildlife.

Some particularly large Phormium plants in the centre of the garden have been removed which has opened up the garden enabling other plants to have space and new plants to be introduced.  The Phormium was split and re-sited at various locations elsewhere on the Green.

In a small triangular bed, the ladies have created a small herb garden using plants from their own gardens and additional ones purchased locally.


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